FUEGO is a 24-month Industrial Research Project that will boost the EU BIPV industry, developing a customized industrial process, offering a strong productivity improvement of fully printed Organic PhotoVoltaics (OPVs) over a large area, following the regulations of Industry 4.0

FUEGO aims to develop a reliable digital closed looped manufacturing of customized fully printed polymer based OPV panels of a free-form design, and provide a range of color palette (blue, green, red/brown, grey) enhancing their efficiency, transparency and lifetime by 30%. The OPV panels will be fabricated on flexible substrates by scalable Roll-to-Roll (R2R), cost-efficient, mass-production printing process under ambient atmosphere, with an improved manufacturing yield up to 90%. The customized industrial manufacturing of OPVs will be implemented in a unique R2R Pilot Production Line integrated with robust & non-destructive in-line and real time metrology and quality control tools.

The high quality customized OPV panels, targeting a power density throughput of more than 80W/m2 will be aesthetically integrated to the OTE/COSMOTE tower at the Thessaloniki International Fair, which operates as Cosmote’s cellular mobile telephone network, and also houses the Skyline Café-Bar, a revolving-view restaurant that operates all year round on the top floor.

The integration of the OPV panels will be performed through the use of laminated double insulating glazing units to form BI(O)PV prototypes, combining the benefits of both solar glazing and shading. OET’s BI(O)PVs at the OTE/COSMOTE tower will be measured and simulated, providing information in terms of the energy production, daylighting quality and user comfort. The demonstration case consists of 100m2 BI(O)PVs on the glass facade, providing 8MWp.