Solar SunBed

Another of OET’s innovative applications, comes in the form of the “Solar Sunbed”. An application that incorporates OET’s very own design and production of printed flexible organic photovoltaics (OPVs).
Concerning the sunbed, an aray of flexible low-weight OPV panels are integrated and placed upon the sunshade, harvesting solar energy with means to convert it and supply compatible devices with electric power.
All that is left for users to do is to connect their USB compatible devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, speakers, unto the sunbend’s USB port and enjoy its benefits.


Autonomous Refrigerator & Freezer System

OET has developed a fully autonomous and portable refrigerator and freezer system, that operates on OPV solar energy. The generated electricity is stored in a specially developed battery which supports the system during the night.
The autonomous system can offer the required energy for a variety of applications:

  • Food and drinks refrigerator carts
  • Vaccine refrigerators on aid work
  • Solar refrigerators/freezers on RV, boats, beach bars, camping, cabins and excursions
  • Other off-grid applications



USB Charger


The charger consists of a printed circuit that utilizes current from our OPVs to charge a Li-Po battery. The stored electrical energy is then used to charge USB capable devices. Android and Apple products were successfully tested. The circuit and the charger as a unit, are optimized to achieve high efficiency and portability. Use the sun to stay charged!


ENERGON – 4TC Charger

You will no longer stay out of energy with our 4TC Charger. OET designed and manufactured the 4TC for charging portable USB devices by OPV-produced Solar Power. The OPV module provides the required power to charge portable devices. This prototype can charge and support a variety of low power devices like Cell Phones, Tablets and Small Portable Media Devices. 4TC fulfills the power-needs with green solar energy any time of day. The flexibility of the OPV modules, in combination with the small size and light weight of 4TC integrates the Solar charger in any wearable device.

OPVs can be used in Wearable Electronics for charging low power portable devices. The energy produced is stored in a battery to be used later for charging your mobile, mp3 player, tablet etc. The OPVs are the ideal solution for this type of applications because they have low power consumption and the total system is lightweight and wearable.