OPVs the 3rd Generation of Solar Energy Harvesting

Roll-to-Roll processing promises high-throughput, cost-efficient & large scale production of OPV – devices with any custom shape and size, in a variety of colours. OET’s Flexible OPV target both existing markets and mainly new emerging markets.

OPV products are ideal for a wide range of niche applications extending from Building Integrated systems (BIOPVs) to greenhouses, automotive, portable electronics, smart packaging, wearables.

R2R Production for Large-Scale Manufacturing

OET designs and develops R2R printing, laser processing and quality control technologies, aiming at cost-effective, high-throughput manufacturing of OPVs on flexible plastic surfaces. Its progress in scalable production and achieving the nanoscale precision in R2R printing machines, optical engineering, reduction of manufacturing costs and increasing yield and efficiency of OPVs is based on a huge R&D investment took place the last years in developing unique production lines, laser scribing technologies and in-line optical precision metrology and quality control tools.

OET’s R&D team reached a record in power conversion efficiency of 7.4% for a fully Roll-to-Roll (R2R) printed polymer-based single junction Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) cell. More information on the topic is available here.

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