OET possesses experience and know how in processes and products. Implements innovations in Organic and Printed Electronics products and solutions. OET’s R&D department focuses on:

Manufacturing OPVs & OLEDs

OET develops and optimizes the materials and processes for OPV and OLED devices. Its expertise and know-how includes the research and technology for manufacturing processes, pilot and production lines, scaling-up, design and manufacturing prototypes.

Manufacturing Process & Equipment

OET develops and optimizes manufacturing processes and equipment (R2R and S2S printing, Vacuum, Laser patterning and Optical Metrology tools) for OE products and applications. OET designs and develops instruments, software, and modeling procedures and methodologies.


OET has more than 15 years of expertise on high barrier films and encapsulation processes and technologies. OET focuses on the stability and the lifetime of OE Devices. OET also provides complete testing facilities of the device quality, encapsulation, barrier and mechanical properties and response.

Optical Metrology

OET develops advanced in-line and in-situ optical metrology and quality control tools for thin films, processes and devices for vacuum and printing systems and holds more than 30 years experience. In these fields OET focuses on design and efficient integration of in-line & in-situ optical metrology tools to OPV production and other OE processes.


OET is dealing with Energy autonomous systems (in buildings, greenhouses, automotive), Lighting, Electronics, Smart Textiles, Wearables, Smart Food Packaging, Biomedical applications and IoT solutions.
OET’s OPV modules provide supplementary power to portable electronics, to automotive and buildings applications and help to improve aesthetics and performance in urban and wintery conditions where the light conditions are far from optimal for Si and other PV technologies. OET’s OPV modules, due to their lightweight (<0.5 kg/m2!), can be easily used on roof and sun visor on cars and provide electricity for onboard. Also, their flexibility and transparency make them ideal to be integrated on greenhouses, windows, buildings, and on the roof, adding extra value to the final building, such as energy, shading, aesthetic and design.



This suite of services is targeted at clients who require advanced functional materials, multilayer structures, devices & prototypes, in-depth quality control analysis, demonstration of their materials and manufacturing tools. OET provides design and fabrication of OE systems and an efficient path to large-scale manufacturing.