Today’s OE products demand not only the state of the art in materials, equipment, processes and device design, but also a variety of combined efforts in order to bring all of them into the market.

Due to increased requests and high demands from customers on a global base, it is necessary to establish collaboration activities so as to provide advanced turn-key solutions in OEs.

Our ability to deliver turn-key OE solutions based on the experience and expertise of our highly specialized Manufacturing, Engineering and Project Execution teams who have decades of ‘industry’ experience on OEs that could impact our customers business and save a large amount of their investment and effort.

OET offers its Customers Turn Key-OEs Solutions

  • Roll to Roll Printing Process Technology for OEs Manufacturing over large area
  • In-line Laser Patterning/Scribing/Cutting solutions for complex free form designs
  • In-line quality control of the OEs manufacturing using metrology tools
  • Robust Encapsulation & Lamination methods
    Design, Development & Prototyping Customized OEs for various Applications
  • Development of Quality Control Platforms with automatic decision processes for Roll to Roll Production lines
  • Inkjet Printing Systems & Optical Metrology tools
  • Operation and Maintenance (O&M)