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Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) are widely considered the next generation light source. OLEDs are a natural source of light incorporating a wide continuous spectrum, resembling nature, in contrast to the most artificial light sources. OET expands its activities in light and power management to energetic light emitting devices. Printed OLED on flexible plastic is a complimentary product to plastic OPVs.

In the past decade, the OLED industry undertook tremendous effort to perfect the technology and commercialize it. This effort successfully paid out, and nowadays the consumer can find OLED technology thriving in every aspect of his/her life!

The Global OLED Market is expected to reach $28 billion by 2024; growing at a CAGR of 28.2% from 2016 to 2024.


In recent years, the future of low cost, printed & flexible OLEDs for various uses (indoor lighting, back light applications, signage, esthetic and architectural uses, wearable applications etc.) attracts great interest. OET pioneers in this field by incorporating its perennial experience in R2R processing on flexible substrates, alongside innovative research carried out by Greek academia.

OET paves the way in the European community on flexible and printed OLED technology by leading in National and European R&I projects involving mainly or partially in the development of printed & flexible OLEDs for use in:

  • Interior Lighting,
  • Interior Automotive,
  • Wearables (safety signage).


OET’s R&D group currently develops Blue, Green, Yellow and Red OLEDs, while concentrating its efforts in White emission OLEDs. Indicatively, a threshold operating Voltage as low as 3 Volt with maximum Luminance of 500cd/m2 is achievable. 



Main benefits of printed and flexible OLEDs in comparison with common artificial light source and evaporated OLEDs include:

  • UV Free
  • Low Glare
  • Eco-Friendly Lighting Sources (Organic Substances)
  • Eye-Friendly Surface Light Source (Absence of Hard Edged Shadowing)
  • Lightweight
  • Conformable
  • Low Heat Generation
  • Low Production Cost