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Organic PVs: Superior Characteristics Compared With Si-Based PVs

OET provides innovative solutions enabling large scale production of OPV panels, using R2R
technology on plastics, where size and shape can be tailored on demand.

The 3rd Generation (3G) PVs is the new emerging technology to be adopted by building applications.
The intrinsic characteristics of OET OPV panels (lightweight, flexibility) make them easily integrable
in challenging architectural designs as renewable energy source elements, while the high
transparency, color uniformity make them the most suitable and attractive for BIOPV products.

Their unique advantages include tunable transparency, excellent environmental profile (non-toxic
elements, recyclability) and freedom of design, which make them ideal for easy adaptation to every

OET’s R&D team reached a record in power conversion efficiency of 7.4% for a fully Roll-to-Roll (R2R) printed polymer-based single junction Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) cell. More information on the topic is available here.

DISCOVER OUR OPV OPVs – the 3 rd Generation of Solar Energy Harvesting HARVEST ENERGY Generate electricity from the Sun with a sustainable way SEE THROUGH Transparency over 50% without disturbing the user's eye-comfort FLEXIBLE FORM No limitations in adaption on any surface