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Smart Packaging & 3D Bioprinting @ Nanotexnology 2018

Some of the most outstanding highlights at Nanotexnology 2018 were the showcasing of 3D bioprinting applications and the partitipation of representators from the Greek Smart Packaging industry.
As interest involving these subjects increases you may want to keep up with the latest news and developements so check out the links and video below!

           nn18 smart pack video


OET on Greek TV Channel ATLAS TV

Check out OET's CEO Mr. Vasilis Matsko's interview and Q&A on Atlas TV's program "Society of Ideas" on the occasion of the rising popularity of its Solar Sunbed and on the endeavors and efforts of OET.

atlastv oet 17072018

 More information on the Solar Sunbed available in our flyers.


OET on the Radio

Check out OET's interviews and Q&A on popular radio shows on the occasion of the rising popularity of its Solar Sunbed.

17072018 Πρωινές διαδρομές preview

17072018 Βρε καλώς τους preview


OET's Solar Sunbed on Greek TV Channel ANT1's Central Newscast

After its live coverage and presentation, OET's Solar Sunbed was also featured in ANT1's Central Newscast program.
Check out the video below.

ant1 20180715

 More information on the Solar Sunbed available in our flyers.

Greek TV Channel ANT1 Live Report on Solar Sunbed

Greek TV channel ΑΝΤ1 featured a live coverage of OET's Solar Sunbed innovative prototype in Thessaloniki Greece, showcasing its outdoor power charging capabilities on site!
Check out the video below.

ant1 20180713

 More information on the Solar Sunbed available in our flyers.


NANOTEXNOLOGY 2018 comprised more than 720 exciting presentations from 60 Countries providing an overview of the latest advances and future prospects effectivaly becoming a vibrant hub of top-class scientists, business experts, policy makers and young entrepreneurs full of fruitful networking for collaborations and business, together with great time at our social events!
OET, one of the major sponsors of this multi-event, presented its latest results in the field of Organic Electronics:

  • "OET Enabling Fully Printed Organic Photovoltaic and OLED Technology for Mass Market Entry"
  • "OET hits 7.4% New World Record Efficiency for Single Structure Fully Printed Organic Photovoltaic by Roll to Roll Processes"
  • "Color-Tailored Polymer OLEDs: Manufacturing and Characterization"
  • "Commercialization of Fully R2R Printed Organic Photovoltaics for Eco-Friendly Power Generation: Towards Industry 4.0"

OET's booth was visited by many distinguished guests who had the ability to be informed about the state of the art product & services of our company. A variety of OPV-based applications were presented in our booth at the EXPO forum.
Looking forward to meeting you again!

oet nanotex 2018 thankyou

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Greek TV Channel ERT3 News Coverage @ NANOTEXNOLOGY 2018

Greek TV channel ERT3 visited the Nanotexnology 2018 conference, where OET had the opportunity to speak on the matter of OPVs and its latest achievements, with its Flexible Solar Refrigerator being the highlight of its news coverage.

 oet nanotexnology 2018 et3



Check out some highlights from OET's booth at Nanotexnology 2018 Expo where some of its latest innovations are being demonstrated all week long featuring among others its Solar Skydom for automobiles, its Flexible Solar Refrigerator and its OPV Sunbed. Also noteworthy are OET's presentations throughout the Nanotexnology 2018 Conference, presenting it's latest news and future plans.
More information to visit us and to attend our presents are available here. We'll be happy to have you at our booth and at our audience!

oet nanotexnology 2018 1 oet nanotexnology 2018 2 
oet nanotexnology 2018 3 oet nanotexnology 2018 4


CORNET Consortium Meeting at Thessaloniki, Greece

OET participated the CORNET Consortium Meeting which took place on Saturday 30th of June where the partitipants had the opportunity to address the project's current progress as well as future matters.
OET is part of CORNET, which is the H2020 Project "Multiscale modelling and characterization to optimize the manufacturing processes of Organic Electronics materials and devices" with Nanotechnology Lab LTFN acting as its coordinator.
cornet consortium june 2018 1 cornet consortium june 2018 2