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OET’s successful participation in 8th Workshop for Boosting the Organic & Printed Electronic Industry in Greece

OET successfully participated at the 8th Workshop "Boosting the Organic and Printed Electronics Industry in Greece" on May 30th in Thessaloniki (Greece) and the Inauguration ceremony of the COPE-H (Center of Organic and Printed Electronics, Hellas - that is an initiate of LTFN Lab of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki).

During the event, OET presented all the innovative products and services thus the new trends in the Organic and Printed Electronics industry. OET had the chance to present its latest activities and on the OPVs/OLEDs Large Area Production, their applications in Buildings, Automotive, Mediterranean Greenhouses, Lighting, Wearables and OET's providing Turn-Key Solutions for OE’s Manufacturing. Among the latest updates in the OEs Field, OET has contacted distinguished guests from business, scientific and political sector, as well as national and public authorities’ representatives.

In more detail, OET’s executives had the opportunity to present all the new product developments and the services that company’s portfolio consists of. Mr Vasilios Matskos, CEO of the company presented the topic of “Large Area OPVs Production for Automotive, Buildings and Greenhouses”. Mr Sofia Tsimikli, Product Developer, talked about the “Process Technology, In-Line Metrology & Laser Patterning for Turn-Key Solutions of OPVs and OLEDs”, and finally Mr Dimitrios Kokkinos, Researcher, about “Towards Large Area R2R Printed OLEDs for Lighting, Wearables and Automotive”.

OET, as a member of HOPE-A (Hellenic Organic and Printed Electronics Association), is pleased to announce the new Cooperation Agreement of HOPE-A with the JAPEC (Japan Advanced Printed Electronics Consortium).

OE-Technologies thanks you! We would be pleased to communicate with you to inform you further for our products and services.

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8th Workshop - Boosting the Organic & Printed Electronics Industry in Greece

The Event will take place on May 30 2016, 09.00 am at Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki Hotel. This exciting event will also include the Inauguration of the Center for Organic & Printed Electronics - Hellas (COPE-H).

The Workshop targets to form the Strategy and Policy to boost the Organic & Printed Electronics Industry in Greece and beyond, with the participation of scientists, engineers, industrial partners, final users, enterpreneurials, VCs and representatives from national authorities.

Some of the Topics that will be discussed are:

  • Center of Organic & Printed Electronics (COPE-H)
  • Outlook for the Greek and International OEs sector
  • Opportunities from NSRF, RIS3, SME Instrument, Fast Track
  • Funding Opportunities and Strategy for OEs Enterprises
  • Commercialization & Industrialization opportunities
  • Manufacturing and Processes of Organic & Printed Electronics
  • OPVs for Energy in Automotive, Buildings, Greenhouses, WT
  • OLEDs for Lighting, Displays and Signage
  • Applications in Smart Packaging, Smart Textiles, Wearables, IoT
  • OEs Start-ups and SME Companies in Greece
  • Clusters and Associations in OEs Worldwide (HOPE-A, COPT, AFELIM, OES, JAPEC)

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Below you can find the event's poster and the Workshop's preliminary agenda.


OET at PE2016

OET participated in Printed Electronics Europe 2016. The event took place on 27-28 April 2016, in Estrel Hotel in Berlin.
Check out some of the event's photos with our new OPV-demonstrators for energy harvesting in wearables, buildings and greenhouses! Thank 
you for your visit and support



OET at PE 2016

OET will participate at Printed Electronics Europe Conference and Exhibition at 27-28 April 2016, in Berlin, Germany. Visit us at our booth No. BOOTH i09

Read more at:

WFES found OET with new OPV-demonstrators

OET participated in World Future Energy Summit 2016. The event took place on 18-21 January 2016, in the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, in United Arabic Emirates.
Check out some of the event's photos with our new OPV-demonstrators for energy harvesting in buildings, greenhouses and wearables!

oet wfes

Thank you for your support

OET @ WFES 2016


OET will participate at World Future Energy Summit 2016 at 18-21 January 2016, in Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. Visit us at our booth No. 7353.

You can find more information here.


OET has participated in the SMARTONICS Technical Meeting in Thessaloniki 26-27/11/2015. The target of the Smartonics project is the development of Pilot lines that will combine smart technologies with smart nanomaterials for the precision synthesis of Organic Electronic (OE) devices. 

We would like to thank LTFN team for their hospitality and the very interesting tour at their facilities. 

Smart TM23 2015 2Smart TM23 2015

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Latest OPV publication

Have a look in our latest publication "Fully gravure printed organic photovoltaic modules: A straightforward process with a high potential for large scale production" published at Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells. DOI:10.1016/j.solmat.2015.10.021

Gravure Publication

OET at 9th Innovation multi-conference

9 kabusiness

OET participated at 9th Innovation multi-conference, organized by ka-business. The event took place on 7th November 2015, at The MET Hotel Thessaloniki, Greece. Find out more about this event here. Check out some of the event's photos.

9 kabusiness oet




OET has participated in EUPVSEC 2015, the largest international Conference for Photovoltaic research, technologies and applications, and at the same time a top international PV Industry Exhibitions, which took place at 14-18 September 2015, in Hamburg, Germany.

We would like to thank the visitors of our booth No.F6a. You can find more information here. 

OET at 80th TIF 2015

OET has participated in TIF-HELEXPO 2015, the International exhibition in Thessaloniki. More than 255.000 visitors have attended the fair.

We would like to thank the visitors of our booth in Pavilion 16, Stand 48. 


TIF 2015

You can find more information here.