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Project ID: Τ2ΕΔΚ-00912

“Energy Autonomous Greenhouse based on Renewable Energy Sources”

AgroRes is an ambitious 2.5-year research and innovation program that aims to increase the share of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in Greenhouses.

The main idea of AgroRes is based on the optimization of the development of Organic and Printed Photovoltaics (OPVs) weighing 0.5Kg / m2 with high optical transparency in the visible spectrum, which will be used to build a hybrid system that will provide energy autonomy in remote greenhouses.

The pioneering work of the project lies in the fact that it combines in the innovative hybrid system the use of two RES, such as Organic and Printed Hemi-transparent Photovoltaic (H-OPVs) and Wind Turbine, which will be supported in case of additional energy demand by a Power Generator. The energy produced will be stored in batteries and will serve the entire load of the installed capacity of a Mediterranean type Hydroponic Greenhouse (MG).

The Agrores innovation for the construction of “Energy Autonomous Greenhouses” will significantly reduce production costs in the primary sector, will bring new jobs, better environment and strong entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector and emerging technologies.

In this way, Greece will reduce energy costs and will comply with the Paris Agreement on combating climate change. ”

As part of the project, a pilot “Energy Autonomous Greenhouse” will be constructed, 200 m2 with hydroponic cultivation, which will be studied in terms of energy produced depending on local meteorological conditions and energy autonomy in relation to the consumption of greenhouse subsystems during the year. Finally, the effect of Hemi-Transparent-OPVs on crop production and microclimate will be studied in particular by wirelessly transmitting the recorded information via the telecommunications network.

The Main Objectives of AgroRes include:

  1. Optimization of Production of Efficient H-OPV Devices (efficiency 7%, power> 50W / m2, optical transparency ≤40%)
  2. Construction of H-OPV Panels & Functionality Control (life time 10 years)
  3. Development of a Hybrid System from RES (5kW-OPVs, 3kW-AG, 5KVA-HZ, 21600Ah-Accumulators)
  4. Construction & Installation of the Hybrid System in MG and Operation Evaluation
  5. Feasibility study of the Energy Autonomous MG and study of Cultivation.