Project info

Project ID: Τ2ΕΔΚ-04311

“Development of Processes for the Electrostatic Deposition of Nanocoatings and  Micro/Nano-structuring of Materials using Short and Ultra-Short  Laser Pulses”

Advanced processes for the deposition of materials and accurate processes with ulta-short laser pulses for surface micro/nano-patterning can contribute into development of novel, innovative and smart products. These products are expected to have advanced properties, as self-cleaning, superlubrication, anti-microbial action that enhance their functionality and expand their lifetime.

SpinNano will establish the frame for an industrial collaboration between BIC-Violex, that is a global player in design, production and distribution of shaving products and Organic Electronic Techonlogies, which is a high-tech start-up SME with experience in deposition processes for polymer materials and laser processes for the nano-structuring of materials. The main target of the SpinNano project is the creation of next-generation products and surfaces by developing innovative processes in deposition, functionalization and pattering of product surfaces for the optimization of their performance.


  1. Electrostatic processes for the controlled deposition of polymer coatings
  2. Development of high precision processes with pulsed laser ns and ps beams with application to various surfaces