Project info


Project ID: Τ2ΕΔΚ-04120

“Roof Integrated Conformable OPV Products for Energy Generation”

OPENERGY revolutionizes the energy harvesting of all surfaces of our everyday life by providing to the market unique solar generating products on plastics integrated on rooftop systems.

The SME company OET will implement its unique worldwide competences that include fully Roll-to-Roll printed Organic Photovoltaics (OPV) patterned with in-line pulse laser technology and robust in-line metrology tools for high quality metrology, assembled with all necessary electronic equipment in product design. OET will bring its (TRL6-7) flexible OPV panels manufactured on plastics to industrial readiness (TRL8) by advanced efficiency (8%), power (64W/m2,) and lifetime 9 years to penetrate market applications (TRL9), by the end of the project. The advanced OPENERGY Nanotechnology products will energize directly DC compatible devices, store energy in battery backup for off-grid applications or connected directly to grid.

OET with its strategic partners will open the commercialization routes of OPENERGY products on Tourism and Agriculture Market by demonstrating their operation on rooftops of SunShades (SS) of 5-star Hotels & beach bars and on Mediterranean (Med) Greenhouses (GH).

OPENERGY objectives are:

O1. Manufacturing optimization of R2R OPVs to industrial scale (TRL7)

O2. Manufacturing of OPV–enabled products and field-testing in operational environment (TRL8)

O3. Validation of the performance of the final OPV-enabled products integrated on SS & Med GH (TRL9)

O4. Exploitation & Market Replication of OPV-enabled products through a complete IP Protection strategy