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Organic Electronic Technologies (ΟΕΤ) is a world leader in R2R manufacturing and technologies for flexible Organic Electronics (OEs) and holds more than 25 years experience in thin film technologies.

Design & Production

R2R Printing Manufacturing and Mass Production OPVs, Large area R2R Production of OLEDs and OE Devices, Process Technologies for Flexible OPVs and OLEDs

Quality Control

In-line Optical Metrology & Quality Control Tools for Process Reliability, In-line Laser Patterning Tools for minimal Losses and high Quality Devices, Development and Prototypes of 2D/3D Manufacturing Processes, Turn-key Solutions for Manufacturing high Performance OEs

Global Market

OET occupies a unique position in the global map of OEs

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IDTechEx Show! USA 2018 Highlights

OET successfully participated the IDTechEx Show in Santa Clara, CA, where the latest market news and applications were presented in the emerging technologies of Printed Electronics, 3D Printing, Electric Vehicles, Energy Storage, Graphene, Internet of Things, Read more…

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