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Organic Electronic Technologies (ΟΕΤ) is a world leader in R2R manufacturing and technologies for flexible Organic Electronics (OEs) and holds more than 25 years experience in thin film technologies.

Design & Production

R2R Printing Manufacturing and Mass Production OPVs, Large area R2R Production of OLEDs and OE Devices, Process Technologies for Flexible OPVs and OLEDs

Quality Control

In-line Optical Metrology & Quality Control Tools for Process Reliability, In-line Laser Patterning Tools for minimal Losses and high Quality Devices, Development and Prototypes of 2D/3D Manufacturing Processes, Turn-key Solutions for Manufacturing high Performance OEs

Global Market

OET occupies a unique position in the global map of OEs

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OET successfully participated the 1st Organic & Printed Electronics Conference for the Middle-East and North Africa, held on January 29-30, at the Grand Hyatt, Dubai, UAE. OET would like to thank all that attended our Read more…

OET Announces Project FUEGO

FUEGO is a 24-month Industrial Research Project that will boost the EU BIPV industry, developing a customized industrial process, offering a strong productivity improvement of fully printed Organic PhotoVoltaics (OPVs) over a large area, following Read more…

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