Love, Sun, Energy….A heart full of Greek “green” energy! In this triptych develops the recent artistic creation of the lawyer, ….and visual artist Alexandras Gogousis, which was presented at the Art Thessaloniki event at TIF (3-6/11).

“I’ve been creating iron hearts for years. At the same time, as a lawyer, I have specialized in the energy sector. So I combined my occupations, conveying at the same time a message: Let’s use alternative sources of energy. A heart full of energy is a strong heart, a heart full of love. I’m interested in technology and follow the developments”, emphasizes Mrs. Gogoussi.

Behind or rather inside this heart lies a literally brilliant success story. As bright as the sun that shines hundreds of days a year in our country.

The Greek 3rd generation photovoltaics are printed, very light, flexible, translucent, protect from harmful UV radiation and are produced in Tagarades in the world’s first production unit, by the Greek company Organic Electronic Technologies.

The applications of the third generation Greek translucent photovoltaics are many. They are wearables and are integrated into clothes, bags, buildings, windows, awnings and generally on every small and large surface, creating a perfect aesthetic effect, they are environmentally friendly and contribute to sustainability and the circular economy.

One of the recent pioneering uses of Greek 3rd generation photovoltaics is their integration into the roofs of greenhouses. Agrovoltaics are the answer to reducing the cost of food production not only in Greece, but all over the world, since their use drastically reduces the cost of energy, water consumption (with hydroponic cultivation) and saves the use of land .

An iron heart full of “green” energy and creators like Alexandra Gogoussi who are inspired by technology and Greek achievements, “gives” its own “answer” to the energy problem caused by the war in Ukraine.

Love, Sun, Energy… Μια καρδιά γεμάτη ελληνική «πράσινη» ενέργεια

Love, Sun, Energy….Μια καρδιά γεμάτη ελληνική «πράσινη» ενέργεια!

Μια καρδιά γεμάτη ελληνική «πράσινη» ενέργεια!… από την Αλεξάνδρα Γωγούση