Invitation to a private event at the Alexander Innovation Zone, Sunday, September 11th, 2022

Within the framework of the 86th TIF exhibition:

“AgriVoltaics: A Revolution in the Dual Land Use for the Optimum Crop & Energy Production with the use of Semi-Transparent Photovoltaics”

The event is organized by HOPE-A (Hellenic Organic & Printed Electronics Association) in co-operation with the Alexander Innovation Zone and the LTFN Nanotechnology Lab, on Sunday, September 11th, 10:00 – 11:30, in Thessaloniki.

Agrivoltaics is a revolutionary approach, utilizing the Dual use of Land in combination with the use of the 3rd generation of Semi-transparent Photovoltaics that were developed the past few years and are promising for a sustainable solution for a simultaneous production of food and energy. Agrivoltaics will show a noteworthy growing more than 20GW in 2022 with an increase ratio close to 40%.

Greece can be the leader in the field and the market of Agrivoltaics as it provides unique advantages: optimum climate zone of earth (sunshine, temperature etc.), advanced technology and know-how globally recognized. Organic Electronic Technologies (OET) is a Greek company and member of HOPE-A, that manufactures 3rd Generation Semi-transparent Photovoltaics and provides a complete solution of simultaneous Dual use of Land for the Optimum Greenhouse Cultivation (Hydroponics or/ and Conventional) and Energy Production.

This innovative solution is applied in a hydroponic Greenhouse in Thermi, Thessaloniki, with the implementation of the 3rd Generation Photovoltaics, the Semi-transparent Organic Photovoltaics (OPVs) of OET, deploying the most contemporary Greek technology globally.1

The Energy production system that OET installs in the Greenhouse cultivation to create the Energy Autonomous- Hydroponic Greenhouse, consist of the Translucent OPVs on the roof of GH for producing energy. When it’s necessary is installed a Wind turbine for wind power generation and Bio-fuel generator as a spare energy system for cold climates.

The advantages of the Energy Autonomous Greenhouse installation:

  • Maximize energy and crop production with the implementation of OPVs on the roof of Greenhouse
  • The Hydroponic cultivation with OPV increases the yield up to 5 times more than conventional one
  • Blocking of Harmful UV Radiation
  • Adjustable transparency of OPVs, Shading effect on plants, reduce water and energy consumption up to 30%
  • Increase of crop production up to 30%
  • Lightweight Construction and Easy Installation
  • Short Payback Period
  • Environmental Protection-Circular Economy

This Energy Autonomous- Hydroponic Greenhouse amenities as Heating, Cooling, Lighting (increase of photosynthesis), and Protect and Control of cultivation can maximize the yield up to 5 times more than conventional cultivation’s yield and decrease the water consumption, respectively.

The next years is expected such Greenhouse cultivations to be transformed into sustainable food production units and power plants for self-consumption, and then sale of electricity and grid connected, creating wealth and prosperity in local communities. For example, in this way Crete with its currently installed greenhouse units can produce 4GW of energy in the next 5-10 years, distributed in the whole island. Thus, Crete will be energy self-sufficient, increase crop production up to 5 times more and decrease water consumption up to 3 times less. Not only Crete’s energy problem will be solved, but also many high-paying jobs and many new young farmers-entrepreneurs will be created, crop production and exports will be increased, and gas emissions will be reduced. Similarly, the West Macedonia which has intense problems with the decarbonization, decreased GDP in comparison with 2014, high unemployment and immigration of young people, can converted into a wealthy region based on the primary sector’s growth, in the next 5-10 years, with the development of the energy-based greenhouse cultivation, inhibit youth immigration, increase standards of living, etc.

1Following the event, participants can make a tour of the Energy Autonomous Greenhouse located in Thermi area, Thessaloniki. Declaration of participation is required.

For more information contact us:

  • Evangelos Bakalis, Hope – A, Innovation & Dissemination Manager:
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  • Asterios Chatziparadeisis, Hope – A, General Director:
    +30 697 2501781

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