HOPE-A adds another successful event on its portfolio, held on Sunday, 11 September, entitled “AgriVoltaics: A Revolution in the Dual Land Use for the Optimum Crop & Energy Production with the use of Semi-Transparent Photovoltaics”. The event was co-organized with the Alexandrer Innovation Zone and the Aristotle University’s Nanotechnology Lab LTFN.

The event was graced with the presence of the General Secretary of Rural Development, Mrs. Christiana Kalogirou, the managing director of Greek Agricultural Organisation ELGO, Mr. Panagiotis Hatzinikolaou, the head of Agricultural Development Program Administration, Mr. Nikos Manetas, the Secretary of Productive Sectors, Mr. Akis Bafas and the deputy mayors of the Municipality of Kozani, Mr. D. Pafilis and Mr. V. Goumas.

The event was also benefited by the attendance of Coatema Vice President, Mr. Thomas Kolbusch, a member of the HOPE-A association, who traveled from Germany especially for the event.

HOPE-A President, Mr. Stergios Logothetidis, presented the 3rd Generation Translucent Photovoltaics while OET CEO, Mr. Chrysostomos Varlamis, presented the innovative and integrated solution for the triple land use for optimal greenhouse cultivation (Hydroponic and Conventional).

At the dinner hosted by the Greek-German Chamber in honor of the Minister of Development and Investments, Mr. Adonis Georgiadis, Mr. Stergios Logothetidis and HOPE-A Vice President, Mr. Ioannis Roukas, had the opportunity to inform the minister about HOPE-A’s actions and the solutions to the modern-day energy problems offered by the only Greek company OET, a member of the association as well.